Heal Yourself, Heal the Universe is a sacred space for healing and expansion at a soul level. The alchemy of using your individual wounds to transform yourself. From lead (wounds) to gold (empowerment). Shift your perception to empower yourself.

We will begin each day using yoga and meditation to connect our mind and body; using this ancient healing art to energize and allow our blocks to rise to the surface. In the morning discussions we will guide you to explore and excavate at a deep level to get clear on your wounds/limiting beliefs/old emotional patterns. In the afternoon we will leave you with questions and journaling exercises to work through during your self-reflection time. The afternoons allow for time to indulge yourself with ayurvedic spa treatments; a perfect compliment to this work. The evening discussions will be for review and questions leading us into our evening yoga to release and reset.

Embedded throughout will be practical and accessible tools for your use during the program and most importantly for you to utilize at home. The teachings and tools shared in this experience originate from many sources; from ancient philosophical texts to ancient texts of Traditional Chinese Medicine; from Quantum Physics to metaphysical texts such as A Course in Miracles; and of course, from the teachers’ own extensive knowledge acquired through their individual journey of soul expansion and personal growth.

Leave feeling empowered and prepared to continue this work for years to come. For this is a journey without destination.

Along with three healthy, vegetarian meals to nourish the body and surrounded by nature to calm the spirit, this truly will be an opportunity to heal at a mind, body, and soul level.

We look forward to guiding you on your journey of self-discovery.

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