Michael Holt

Michael’s unique life path has birthed an approach to human vitality that has helped his diverse clientele in accessing a depth of themselves previously unknown. The merging of his degree in psychology with his multiple certifications in health and exercise science has formed his unique mind body approach. He is a holistic health practitioner with a decade of successful practice, a former competitive fighter with rank in several martial art systems, an executive protection specialist and professional bodyguard, and a dedicated meditation practitioner and teacher. Michael has unified his passions into a progressive wellness system meant to increase vitality and deepen consciousness. Combining training modalities from martial art, meditation, eastern philosophy, traditional western fitness, energetic polarity training, masculine/feminine archetypal embodiment, and breath work, Michael’s system is a revolutionary practice designed to empower one to identify, confront, and move beneath one’s perceptual conditioning, and ultimately, build a life that is aligned with the desires of one’s deepest heart.


For those who are truly committed to becoming well, I offer deeply transformative 1 on 1 holistic health journeys, specifically designed for the client’s unique body mind. Through counseling, teaching, immersive experience, and lifestyle modifications we mend the mind body relationship, align purpose, will, thought, and action – building a rock solid foundation of vital energy to inflame your quest of purposeful expansion in the areas of your life you find most meaningful. Reclaiming right relationship with the natural order is the fountain from which everything you are meant to do, be, and have will effortlessly flow.


Instagram:  @savageandsaint